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Create your own custom sail crossover for your boat and sail inventory and never have to think twice about which is the optimal sail for the current weather! Start building your crossover from scratch or import information from your sail designer. Update and refine the crossover using real sailing data. Use the tool in real-time for quick and accurate decisions.


Create a boat polar from scratch or modify an existing one. Overlay two polars and import results from your performance analysis to help you refine it. Convert polars to different formats so they can be read by your onboard software. PolarManager is a highly intuitive and easy to use tool.


Replay your sailing session step by step. Use the customizable wizards to filter the data in a fast and systematic way. Create a vast number of reports on your day's sailing in only a few minutes. Refine your polars with real data. Build reference tables for your boat's optimal configurations and trim settings. Upload all the results to a database in order to analyze an entire season.

Add the power of databases to your performance analysis. Make end of regatta and final season reports, continuously update your polars with real sailing data, get the exact statistics of the life and conditionn of your sails, rig and deck hardware...


Log events while sailing in a very un-intrusive touch-screen friendly way. Note down sail changes, performance comments, times you took photos, technical problems, etc... The resulting event file is directly uploadable to the RaceReplay for an even shorter analysis time of your sailing data.


An iPhone/iPad app which lets you generate a polar with very few input parameters. This can be used in conjunction with the Weather4D app for routing purposes.


An iPhone/iPad app which lets you view performance data sent by your onboard electronics in real time.