Version history

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2014-04-18 CrossoverChart v4.5

  • Dongle and software versions merged
  • Apparent wind and target lines now update when a new polar is loaded.

2013-12-26 CrossoverChart v4.4

  • New 'Label' icon in the menubar to automatically move all labels into view (useful when zoomed in)
  • Import/export crossovers to and from Adrena

2013-09-10 CrossoverChart v4.3

  • Ability to display boatspeed and target numbers in the background of the TWS/TWA graph (from the Load Polar options page)
  • Upon loading a polar a new panel appears at the bottom displaying an upwind and downwind targets table
  • Create new sails/shapes/lines by entering coordinates, either in true or in apparent, with the possibility to copy/paste from excel or from a text file
  • View True and Apparent graphs side by side

2013-02-18 CrossoverChart v4.2

  • New Sail/Elements properties
    • Sail weights
    • Weight units set in the options menu
    • As you select/unselect sails the total weight is computed and displayed in the sail/elements table title
  • Export an 'apparent wind crossover', change the polar, re-import the 'apparent wind crossover' to easily create a crossover for a different boat conserving the apparent wind ranges
  • Improved data analysis module with 3 sails
  • Select values of AWA and AWS when autogenerating the lines

2012-12-17 CrossoverChart v4.1

  • Extended Sail/Elements properties
    • Sail area, optionally displayed in the sail label
    • Comments field for other properties
    • Colour the label
    • Sail name aliases
  • Changing axes orientation (TWS vs TWA) does not require application restart anymore
  • Mast height TWS correction implemented
  • Import colour schemes from another crossover chart file
  • Import alias names from another crossover chart file

2012-08-16 CrossoverChart v4.0

  • Version with dongle licensing
  • Background image setting from options window is applied immediately
  • When modifying a line/sail/element the shadow of it's previous position is visible

2012-08-16 CrossoverChart v3.4

  • Invert the TWS and TWA axis
  • Fixed background image transparency bug

2012-03-29 CrossoverChart v3.1

  • Improved ergonomy and user experience
  • If you load a polar all your crossovers will be displayed in a new 'Apparent wind' graph