Version history

RaceReplay PerfQuery PolarManager CrossoverChart OnboardAssistant

2014-05-05 OnboardAssistant v6.2

  • Customizable maneuvres timing module
  • Merged BoatDayConfig and DailyComments in a single window, and simplified DailyComments
  • Dongle and software versions merged

2014-02-18 OnboardAssistant v6.1

  • Simplified management of event files
  • Simplified creation of phases
  • Possibility to add a timer to auto-terminate a phase after a set period of time
  • Bug corrections in auto-backup module
  • Implementation of new VSpars sentence $TRIGGERS
  • Automatic update of calibration tables in the WTP

2013-12-04 OnboardAssistant v6.0

  • BoatDayConfig: create your own session variables such as Location/event, Boat configuration, Handicap rating, etc...
  • Automatic file backup module
  • Greater interaction with Adrena software
    • Import and export SailingPerformance’s CrossoverCharts
    • Send data to SailingPerformance’s iDataNet app
    • Send sail changes and tests/phases over the network to Adrena