Version history

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PerfQuery2017-01-03 PerfQuery v8.0

  • Plot data for multiple boats
  • Create variables derived from target tables (eg: UpwindTargetHeel)
  • Save query results and load them from the start page
  • Profile graphs for viewing things like sail shapes

2016-01-28 PerfQuery v7.0

  • Create calculated and aggregate variables computed during a database query
  • BinReports: you may now select to group phases by:
    • SailsUp (as in previous versions)
    • ManualEntryVariables (eg: by Helmsman)
    • Aggregate variable (eg: a variable derived from SailsUp and heel)
  • VMG Graphs:
    • split in upwind/downwind
    • Export a text or excel table from trend lines
  • XY graphs with more filtering options
  • Bin reports: mixed performance criteria (bsp% for reaching and vmg% for upwind/downwind
  • MultiVar Graph: view phases data in a graphical form.

2015-08-26 PerfQuery v6.6

  • Redesigned VMG graph
    • One graph for upwind, one for downwind
    • Implementation of filters
    • Trendline uses filtered points only
    • Right-click a trend or a target line to export to text or excel
  • XY graphs:
    • Implemented a second set of filters
    • Right click a line and eport for printing
  • BinReports:
    • To create a BSP_Bin report, you now need to select BSP_Bin from the variables list
    • No more Target report with the BSP_Bin. This is now obtained byt using the new Export to Excel options in the VMG graph.

2015-07-28 PerfQuery v6.5

  • Calculated variables
  • Aggregate variables (email us for mor info)
  • Revisited user interface

2014-12-31 PerfQuery v6.4

  • All polar% systematically recomputed for specified polar during a database query
  • Phases table:
    • Implemented filtering by TwsBin and TwaBin
    • Fixed Export to Excel bug for large number of rows
    • Implemented Export to Text/Csv
  • Phases table filtering: implemented filtering by TwsBin and TwaBin
  • At query level, possibility to replace sail names by generic Crossover name (eg: J2-B and J2-C will both appear as J2)
  • Bin report improved, with possibility to display colour coded winning sail in all cells

2014-07-14 PerfQuery v6.3

  • View CrossoverChart in apparent wind
  • CrossoverBin report, similar to an Excel BinReport but presented in the Crossover module
  • Possibility to rename a sail or a variable from the Database maintenance tab of the Options window

2014-04-18 PerfQuery v6.1

  • Dongle and software versions merged
  • Improved colour schemes for sails
  • XYGraphs: filter panel to filter the datapoints and create trend lines in consequence
  • BinReport: table configuration settings moved to the 'Options' window

2013-12-04 PerfQuery v6.0

  • Fully re-designed graphical user interface for a better and more intuitive experience
  • Creation of an Options window with may new database management tools
  • Creation of a help file which installs with the software
  • New Tack/jibe report allowing you to report on manoeuvre performance and calibration on the longer run

2012-12-21 PerfQuery v5.0

  • USB dongle licensing available
  • New PolarManager and CrossoverChart modules
  • Query the database, display the results in the PolarManager module, modify your polar accordingly and immediately validate the improvements
  • Query the database, display the results in the CrossoverChart module, modify your crossover according to your query
  • Improved VMG, Perf and XY graphs with customizable trend and target lines, easily share your presets with other users