Version history

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2014-04-18 PolarManager v1.4

  • Double click a cell in the polar table to manually enter TWA and BSP values
  • Manually select multiple cells from a column in the polar table and specify which TWA value to align them to

2014-04-18 PolarManager v1.3

  • Dongle and software versions merged

2013-03-02 PolarManager v1.2

  • Create a new polar by entering boat and sail parameters like for iPolar
  • Creation of the .plr proprietary polar file format. All other formats of polars can be imported/exported in PolarManager
  • Give an entire bin column the same twa value

2012-10-10 PolarManager v1.1

  • Convert a polar's tws values according to mast height
  • Added possibility to overlay a polar on top of the one being worked on