Foiling IMOCAs

Just a couple of weeks left before the Route du Rhum, and already some amazing footage of the new generations of foiling IMOCAs. Data analysis is more important than ever in order to find the best configuration for these complex boats. And pretty exciting to know that...

KND supported teams finish 1st and 2nd in the Volvo Ocean Race

In a nail biting finish into the Hague, Dongfeng Race Team managed to snatch its first leg win in the Volvo Ocean Race and finish first overall in this gruelling 9 months race. Spanish team Mapfre came in third on this final leg, giving them the second place overall....

Unleash your Frenchness!

What else? That would allow you to read the excellent  weekly newsletter from our Lorient friends from Tip and Shaft. This week, the Frenchies are posting a paper on the TP52 series including a few words from knd. We have been involved in the series since 2009 with...

Official inauguration of the IC37; New York Yacht Club One Design

Lots happening in Newport these days, in addition to the Volvo stopover (race lead by MAPFRE and DONGFENG, two teams we support for performance analysis), the IC37 official presentation will take place today in Newport. The selection by the NYYC of Mills Design...

TipAndShaft’s article about KND’s work in the Volvo Ocean Race

For all the french speakers, we highly recommend subsrcibing to TipAndShaft's mailing list. Their weekly newsletter is full of very interesting articles and sailing related news. This week, they interview Fabien Delahaye, a member of Dongfeng's performance team in the...

Mediterranean season about to start!

The first major event of the med season, Palma Vela will take place next week. In 2018 this will be a particularly exciting regatta as several brand new TP52s will be racing there for the first time. On our side we'll be involved more than ever with six teams working...

Race to the start for Vestas in the Volvo Ocean Race

Team Vestas just arrived in Itajai Brazil. Visibly the Falklands might be missing an electrical pole, but it was put to good use. Now the race for the start begins. Will they be ready for the inport race on Friday?

No boat performance without human performance

Excellent article about Neil McLean Martin, sports coach/physio/nutritionist for Dongfeng Race Team.

Volvo Ocean Race: Auckland Inport Race

Once again, Auckland is putting on an incredible show for the Volvo Ocean Race. Today they will hold the Auckland Inport race. Not much wind in the forecast, but we are expecting a massive spectator fleet as the sun is shining !


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