Version History


2017-01-03 RaceReplay v12.0

New and improved ConfigFileManager

Create variables derived from target tables (eg: UpwindTargetHeel)

Automatically detect data peaks on the track (Menu->Tools->Data)

New and improved configuration of phases reports:

Conditional display

Customized labels of variables

Advanced multi layer phases grouping

Summary table

Profile graphs for viewing things like sail shapes

Concept of tack/gybes valid for calibration and for performance

Possibility to upload min/max/stddev values for phase variables in the database

Loading other boat tracks (Team version only)

Load more variables

OtherBoats table to view instant data and wand averaged data

View wands on other boat tracks

Export phase data for multiple boats


2016-01-28 RaceReplay v11.0

Calibration File: post-calibrate your log (Team version only)

ConfigFileManager: sign conventions of known variables, addition of a race CountDown variable

VMG Graphs:

split in upwind/downwind

Export a text or excel table from trend lines

XY graphs with more filtering options

Bin reports: mixed performance criteria (bsp% for reaching and vmg% for upwind/downwind

MultiVar Graph: view phases data in a graphical form.

Phases Report: add a condition on when to display numbers

General: export track to .kml (google earth) or .gpx

CrossoverChart: possibility to view the boat’s current TWS and TWA in the CrossoverChart

    2013-12-04 RaceReplay v10.0

    New prestart and manoeuvres viewer for an in depth analysis

    New concept of BoatDayConfig

    New DataStats report: display a time distribution of values, easily spot Port/Stbd assymetries, compare performance in each leg of a race, etc…

    Ability to colour and label points using any variables (in all graphs including CrossoverChart and PolarManager module) leading to a much more refined analysis

    Customizable and reusable colour schemes

    Improved readability and configurable numbers display

    Remodeled menus and improved graphical interface

      2013-02-05 RaceReplay v9.1

      Manually selecting phases in the phase table highlights them in all other graphs

      Marks can be renamed and imported from Deckman

      Menu->File->New analysis takes you back to the startup page

      Phases report with much more customization of variable statistics and colouring

      Implemented aliases in CrossoverChart. A shape for J1 can now be associated to sailnames J1A and J1B

      Improved second boat track loading

      Compare two boat performance and VMG

      Creation of phases files, making it easier to manage/save phases in a different file than the event file


        2017-01-03 PerfQuery v8.0

        Plot data for multiple boats

        Create variables derived from target tables (eg: UpwindTargetHeel)

        Save query results and load them from the start page

        Profile graphs for viewing things like sail shapes

          2016-01-28 PerfQuery v7.0

          Create calculated and aggregate variables computed during a database query

          BinReports: you may now select to group phases by:

          SailsUp (as in previous versions)

          ManualEntryVariables (eg: by Helmsman)

          Aggregate variable (eg: a variable derived from SailsUp and heel)

          VMG Graphs:

          split in upwind/downwind

          Export a text or excel table from trend lines

          XY graphs with more filtering options

          Bin reports: mixed performance criteria (bsp% for reaching and vmg% for upwind/downwind

          MultiVar Graph: view phases data in a graphical form.

            2013-12-04 PerfQuery v6.0

            Fully re-designed graphical user interface for a better and more intuitive experience

            Creation of an Options window with may new database management tools

            Creation of a help file which installs with the software

            New Tack/jibe report allowing you to report on manoeuvre performance and calibration on the longer run


              2014-04-18 PolarManager v1.4

              Double click a cell in the polar table to manually enter TWA and BSP values

              Manually select multiple cells from a column in the polar table and specify which TWA value to align them to

                2014-04-18 PolarManager v1.3

                Dongle and software versions merged

                  2013-03-02 PolarManager v1.2

                  Create a new polar by entering boat and sail parameters like for iPolar

                  Creation of the .plr proprietary polar file format. All other formats of polars can be imported/exported in PolarManager

                  Give an entire bin column the same twa value

                    2012-10-10 PolarManager v1.1

                    Convert a polar’s tws values according to mast height

                    Added possibility to overlay a polar on top of the one being worked on


                      2014-04-18 CrossoverChart v4.5

                      Dongle and software versions merged

                      Apparent wind and target lines now update when a new polar is loaded.

                        2013-12-26 CrossoverChart v4.4

                        New ‘Label’ icon in the menubar to automatically move all labels into view (useful when zoomed in)

                        Import/export crossovers to and from Adrena

                          2013-09-10 CrossoverChart v4.3

                          Ability to display boatspeed and target numbers in the background of the TWS/TWA graph (from the Load Polar options page)

                          Upon loading a polar a new panel appears at the bottom displaying an upwind and downwind targets table

                          Create new sails/shapes/lines by entering coordinates, either in true or in apparent, with the possibility to copy/paste from excel or from a text file

                          View True and Apparent graphs side by side

                            2013-02-18 CrossoverChart v4.2

                            New Sail/Elements properties

                            Sail weights

                            Weight units set in the options menu

                            As you select/unselect sails the total weight is computed and displayed in the sail/elements table title

                            Export an ‘apparent wind crossover’, change the polar, re-import the ‘apparent wind crossover’ to easily create a crossover for a different boat conserving the apparent wind ranges

                            Improved data analysis module with 3 sails

                            Select values of AWA and AWS when autogenerating the lines

                              2012-12-17 CrossoverChart v4.1

                              Extended Sail/Elements properties

                              Sail area, optionally displayed in the sail label

                              Comments field for other properties

                              Colour the label

                              Sail name aliases

                              Changing axes orientation (TWS vs TWA) does not require application restart anymore

                              Mast height TWS correction implemented

                              Import colour schemes from another crossover chart file

                              Import alias names from another crossover chart file


                                2014-05-05 OnboardAssistant v6.2

                                Customizable maneuvres timing module

                                Merged BoatDayConfig and DailyComments in a single window, and simplified DailyComments

                                Dongle and software versions merged

                                  2014-02-18 OnboardAssistant v6.1

                                  Simplified management of event files

                                  Simplified creation of phases

                                  Possibility to add a timer to auto-terminate a phase after a set period of time

                                  Bug corrections in auto-backup module

                                  Implementation of new VSpars sentence $TRIGGERS

                                  Automatic update of calibration tables in the WTP

                                    2013-12-04 OnboardAssistant v6.0

                                    BoatDayConfig: create your own session variables such as Location/event, Boat configuration, Handicap rating, etc…

                                    Automatic file backup module

                                    Greater interaction with Adrena software

                                    Import and export SailingPerformance’s CrossoverCharts

                                    Send data to SailingPerformance’s iDataNet app

                                    Send sail changes and tests/phases over the network to Adrena